Peace In Uncertainty | Adam Cox

25th March 2022

When all you can do is pray - you quickly learn how to do so. After a two-year-long health journey with their son, Jet, Adam Cox recounts those months spent on their knees in prayer - and how this act of faith and surrender not only healed their son but taught them how to pray in the process....

The Spirit Unrestrained, Karmien Joubert

The Spirit Unrestrained

3rd August 2021

After deeply desiring to be used more by God, Karmien received the gift of prophecy, and in turn, intimately experienced and witnessed the help and comfort that only the Holy Spirit is able to provide. Watch her story below....

Father vs Son

20th July 2021

After facing rejection from his father as a young boy, Kim Muller's heart was hardened toward any authority figure. One evening he experienced the healing presence of the Lord, leaving him forever changed. Watch his story here....

Laura Tom

Loved Out of Darkness

22nd June 2021

After years of allowing her pain to keep her silent, Laura Tom speaks up about a secret she swore she would take to the grave - allowing the light of Jesus, and community, to speak into her darkest moment - bringing true freedom & healing....

Healing Through Forgiveness

4th June 2021

Following a motorcycle accident 14 years ago, resulting in the loss of his leg, Andrew Byett had to learn to surrender the bitterness and pain he was holding onto and choose forgiveness in order to heal....

Trusting God Through Auto-Immune Disease

Trusting God Through Auto-Immune Disease

13th May 2021

After a 10-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & Psoriasis, God took Margo Smith on a journey of learning to trust Him in all circumstance, ultimately resulting in her healing. Watch her story here....

God’s Generous Giving

18th March 2021

With minimal finances & a call from God to get married, Sherman Smart & Stacey Smart started their journey of trusting God for provision. Watch their story here to see how the generosity of the saints changed their lives forever....

But God Said

8th March 2021

After years of struggling to fall pregnant, Mervis and Sonja van der Merwe received the news that it was cancer that was preventing them from having children…But God said! Watch their story to hear how God came through for them and miraculously healed Sonja!...

Power of Prayer

1st March 2021

After a serious motorcycle accident left him near death, Joshua Rawlings testifies how the power of prayer brought about a miracle in his life. Hear more about his story in the video below....

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