JoshGen meet at several different venues in and around the city of Cape Town and beyond. Each meeting place has a lead elder and various teams of elders, deacons and staff supporting the congregation.

To find a venue closest to you, please select from the list below.

Keeping Jesus at the Centre

On Friday night Mervis and team hosted a final evening for those who had been involved in musical worship across JoshGen during 2019. We were expecting a message from Andrew Selley, but upon arrival were informed that Andrew couldn’t come anymore. In true JoshGen style though, Mervis just jumped up onto the stage and told us that whilst he definitely didn’t expect to be speaking at all, he was going to trust God to speak to us, nonetheless.

My Four12 Conference Experience

My wife, Mariske, and I have attended a few Four12 conferences over the years and it always feels like God fast-tracks those who experience these conferences into loving Him and His people more. We feel like what would normally take us weeks or even months to learn, God does in just a few days.

JoshGen’s 20th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, 21 September we met to celebrate JoshGen’s 20th birthday. That night my heart was just burning with gratitude because of all that God has…