Volunteer Application

As the Four12 Conference in South Africa draws near, we, as a body of believers, have a chance to shine in serving the saints.

This conference runs over 3 days, however, the logistical setup time will take almost a week – with thousands of square meters of tenting being erected, together with staging, bedouin tents and kids areas built up.To say it’s exciting, is an understatement!

By choosing to serve, you are choosing to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Serving will introduce you to new people, stretch and grow you, and give you the opportunity to pour your love out for Him, at His feet, through the sacrificing of your time and energy for the sake of others.

What to expect?

This is the first time we will be hosting our Four12 Conference at Môreson Plaas, which means lots of walking, lots of coffee and lots of laughter await you.

Once you have completed the below form, please allow us to best decide in which area  you would be the most helpful and efficient. We do understand that you might have a preference due to a specific reason – like catching a lift with someone for example – so feel free to send us a mail should you expect to encounter any challenges. Let us serve with the attitude of – “Anytime – Anywhere – Anything.”

Please could we ask that you DO NOT register for the Four12 Conference until you have received an email confirming your serving area for the conference.

If you would like to serve in KIDS team, please register here

So, come with hearts filled with love, hands ready to serve, and faces filled with joy.

We can’t wait to meet you all!!