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To my JoshGen family, I have been waiting for the day when I can share the wonderful works of the Lord in my nation. This has been a deeply personal journey for all involved, and the Lord has done so much that it would it take books upon books to capture it all, like the apostle John said. So, let me tell you as concisely as I can what the Lord has been doing through a bunch of ordinary saints, on one of the tiniest pieces of land He created.

The Lord challenged me to be intentional and use this time to listen carefully and respond wisely.

In December 2015, I was sent back home by the Lord after five years in Port Elizabeth where I was faithfully discipled by the leaders of Oxygen Life Church and nurtured by the saints. For the next four years, I joined established Christian groups with the intension to plug in, all the while praying for revival in my country. None of my attempts to integrate these groups were successful and finally I gave up. My heart was burning to see the new testament church I had been a part of in Oxygen Life Church and Four12 formed here, in my own nation. In December 2019 I asked the Lord: “What will you have me do?”

His response was simple: take care of Wenley and his wife Annais. Wenley was my personal trainer at the gym. I had hired his services and spent two hours, two to three times a week with him.

The birth of the Joshua Generation Church Outreach Community in Mauritius was beyond my wildest dreams. Suddenly we were secure, we would not be alone to see this through. Now we had an army of believers, faithful leaders and an apostolic covering that had stood the test of time, all praise to Jesus.

With Covid-19 reaching all corners of the world and all borders closing, Gordon and Mel have not yet been able to join us in Mauritius, but we know that nothing can stop the Lord. We’ve been meeting as an online community on a weekly basis since April with the Gordan and Mel as well as Mel’s parents, Brian and Tilla Meyers. They were even able to witness the baptism of Wenley and Annais, the first among us to take the plunge! 

We’ve started to meet on Saturdays as an outreach gathering in Mauritius, in our homes and occasionally in parks or at the beach. Have you ever read Acts 2:42-47? Well this is what the Lord has been doing here. And as faithful as He was with the first community of Christians, He’s been faithful to us in adding to our numbers.

There are now about twelve of us who meet regularly and do life together.

I wish I could tell you all the wonderful testimonies I have been privileged to witness. From families being restored, religious mindsets being broken, old school friends plugging in, prophecies being fulfilled, women being empowered in the Lord, old and young having dreams and visions, the Lord has blown our minds and we know there is more to come!

In finishing, I want to share these simple realisations with you all:

  • The Lord can use anyone, all we need to do is respond!
  • If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you will be satisfied (see Matthew 5:6), and nothing satisfies more than doing the work of the Father!
  • It is under biblical leadership that the body of believers thrives (see Ephesians 4:11-16). I can clearly testify that our growth both in depth and in number significantly accelerated when we became accountable to the leadership of JoshGen and Four12.

I started by saying that this had been a personal journey for all involved, it is because our God is deeply personal. He intends to grow His influence on this world through each of His children, including you and I. The task may seem impossible, but He has all the steps laid out before you. Whatever it is that the Lord is putting on your heart, I would encourage you to start. A simple conversation at the gym led to the birth of a new community and the fulfilment of many years of prayers.

Please keep us in your prayers. At this point we need to see the borders open so Gordon, Mel and their children and parents can join us here.  We long to be united and simply cannot wait to embrace each other!

What an honour it is to be joined together with you all,

With profound love from your brothers and sisters in Mauritius

Maria Abdullakhan

Maria Abdullakhan

Currently in, and originally from Mauritius, Maria Sabeera came to South Africa in 2011 to pursue an architecture degree and ended up meeting Jesus here. Inquisitive and always on the lookout for new experiences, from places to food and languages, her bucket list is ever expanding.

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