Soul Care Stories

Story | Delivered From Depression into Joy!

Isn’t it amazing how God sets us up for freedom?  Steve has been part of a community group since joining JoshGen Wynberg, allowing his family in Christ to walk the road to freedom alongside him. 

For many years he had an ongoing battle with depression and an ever-increasing dosage of anti-depressants, which had become a real financial burden for him and his mom.  The anti-depressants eventually become so ineffective that Steve’s doctor was forced to prescribe over and above the maximum dosage, just to keep his mental health stable. 

Another huge knock came in the form of retrenchment: Steve lost the job he’d moved to Cape Town for, not even a year after starting with the company – a devastating loss in the face of his sister’s declining health as well. 

At the beginning of 2020, Steve’s congregation was encouraged to attend a Soul Care course corporately:  it was hoped that every member would sign up and go through an inner healing journey together.  He didn’t want to attend at all, but after some cajoling from his community group, he reluctantly attended each session!

Halfway through the course he started to sense something was very wrong inside him.  On the final day of Soul Care, he found himself extremely agitated – the irritation and anger made even worse by listening to worship music and painting in his room that Saturday night.  Little did he know that Sunday would be his breakthrough day…  Watch the video below to hear Steve’s testimony of how Jesus radically delivered him from evil spirits.

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