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We are living in unsettling and turbulent times that directly affect us as women, our relationships and our world.

Just as a ship would never set sail without an anchor, so we should never attempt this journey of life without an anchor – and that sure and steadfast anchor is Jesus. He is the one who keeps us from sinking in the storms of life, and who secures us in the seas of trouble.

As JoshGen’s women’s ministry, “Anchored” seeks to serve and support the women in our congregations by providing opportunities for:

  • Connection with God, and with each other (building strong and healthy relationships within the family of God);
  • Discipleship (teaching, training and discipling each other one on one as well as in group settings, and providing biblical tools and resources for growing in God); and
  • Ministry (spiritually, and practically, serving each other in love).  

Our desire is to see JoshGen women firmly anchored in relationship with God, and each other.

To get involved with “Anchored” in your local congregation, please contact your Lead Elder’s wife.

Below are valuable resources to help the women of today become and stay anchored in God’s truth.

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