Now One Vibrant Family

By JoshGen 

On Sunday 8 July, our Brooklyn & Milnerton congregations officially became one!

The two relatively young congregations will now be meeting as one vibrant family in our current Milnerton venue going forward.  There has been a depth in the union of the two families joining that can only be attributed to God knitting hearts together in a supernatural way.

“It has been the most incredible and beautiful process,” says Luke Watson, who will be leading the two families as one going forward.

“Calling it a merge almost does it a disservice because it has been so much more than that. It’s been a process of God bringing together two parts into seamless union.”

Deon Delport, who oversees the hub that Brooklyn was a part of, comments – “Bringing these two congregations together has been a move that we felt led to in the Lord. They are so different but their ‘flavours’ complement one another so well. This is not a case of Milnerton ‘rescuing’ Brooklyn.

"Our Milnerton family needs Brooklyn as much as Brooklyn needs Milnerton. Together they are a fuller expression of the Kingdom.”

“As Christians, we unfortunately often tend to divide according to groups who are similar to us” adds Anton Moulder, an elder from the Brooklyn congregation. “This union brings together such a diverse bunch of people in terms of age, race, culture & economic backgrounds. I’m trusting that in God, we will be able to overcome what would naturally separate us so that we can be a supernatural expression of unity.”

“Together we are so much more than we could be individually” adds Luke.

“We are seeing gifts being added, we are seeing minds being aligned, we are seeing hearts brought together – and we are seeing that there is always more in God.

This journey with the Brooklyn congregation has exceeded and surpassed every expectation. We have been reminded that we are a part of something so much bigger than just ourselves or our local context. May God continue to add to His bride and may we continue to become one as He is one.”

Interested in visiting this lively new family? They would love to welcome you! Click here for details on their Sunday services. 


Zandi Hulley

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