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By Joshua Generation Church 

We are excited that the all new JoshGen BizPages is live! BizPages is an initiative to help JoshGen members who own businesses to grow effectively through the support of other JoshGen members and a structure that allows for accountability for excellent service.

So what exactly is it? JoshGen BizPages is an online directory of businesses owned or run by JoshGenners across all industries, in the regions where Joshua Generation Church gathers. Added to that, BizPages allows for both business owners and individuals to post positions if they are looking to employ someone. Job seekers also have the potential to browse for positions listed on the site.

A key aim of this platform is to provide a means of advertising and communication for members of the church involved in running a business, whilst helping other members by providing a list of credible, reliable and trustworthy service providers.

If you’re a business owner we encourage you to sign up! Your details will be made available to thousands of our members. Signing up is free, easy and is as simple as following the steps listed below. We will then process the application, get approval from your local elders and add your details to the directory as soon as it has been approved. After that, all you would need to do is keep your listing information updated if it changes.
Steps for business owners to sign up are as follows:

    1. Go to:
    2. Scroll down to ‘Add Business Listing’
    3. Follow the prompts and complete your details
    4. Receive an email to confirm your listing approval
    5. And you’re set for JoshGenners to find your products or services more easily!

A reality we’ve come to realise is that often too many people are reluctant to use ‘Christian businesses’ due to bad experiences. We feel strongly that the opposite should be true and that followers of Christ should be the most honest, hardworking and committed of people, displaying Godly character and integrity.

It should be the case that we would always prefer to do business with a ‘brother in Christ’ wherever that is possible. That would more likely be the case if we could be assured that a) the business is genuinely run by a disciple of Christ and b) the owner is being led, discipled and held accountable by Godly leadership, as part of a local church. BizPages provides this!

So why should you use BizPages to find a service provider?

  • We love each other and want each other to succeed and prosper wherever possible.
  • The community of faith benefits massively when we help one another.
  • Finances are kept within the Kingdom.
  • Each business listed will have been approved by local elders who know the business owner and can vouch for their character and integrity.
  • A condition of being listed is that, in the event of a problem or dispute arising, such disputes will be mediated and resolved by elders (as per 1 Corinthians 6:1-11).
  • Should any business listed receive negative feedback for genuinely poor service or other concern, they will be removed from the listings.

We encourage you to participate with us in this exciting initiative of supporting one another!

Register your business now at

Joshua Generation Church

Zandi Hulley

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