Doing Life Together

The phrase “doing life together” has been overused and has lost some of its meaning despite it being so important in the life of the New Testament church. The key to doing life together is getting down and just doing it. What then does it mean? What it’s is not is just three meetings a week then off into our own world again.

We see in Acts 2:42-47 the record by Luke of the pattern that the apostles used to build the unity of the church community. They were characterised by devotion to one another, the apostles teaching, prayer, breaking of bread, sharing, fellowship and much more. All of this was rooted in sincere and deep relationships. They lived in each others lives. In today’s corporate speak we talk about not operating in silos but engaging with one another. It is imperative that we do the same in the body of believers by going deeper than this and building sincere and devoted relationships. Dylan, Ross and Wayne take a look at doing life from personal experience with a little humour and reflect on what we are doing right and where we need to grow.

Doing Life Together

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