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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Andrew Selley shares the latest update for JoshGen and how it impacts us as a church practically, after the government’s announcement on Sunday about the Coronavirus and escalating South Africa to disaster status.

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Meet Ruan and Ina Slabbert

After the Lord spoke recently to our lead elder, Andrew Selley, about JoshGen entering a new season of church plants we were excited to connect with Ruan Slabbert and his family,

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My Four12 Conference Experience

My wife, Mariske, and I have attended a few Four12 conferences over the years and it always feels like God fast-tracks those who experience these conferences into loving Him and His people more. We feel like what would normally take us weeks or even months to learn, God does in just a few days.

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In the Wake of a Five-Fold Evangelist

After British evangelist Jonathan Conrathe’s visit to us in July, it’s become really clear to me why the Apostle Paul called the five-fold ministers ‘gifts’ to the Church in his letter to the Ephesians.

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Introducing Ross & Margot Lahana

No doubt you’ve heard it said by your congregation’s elders that every time they go away for the annual elders’ gathering, they should probably all go ‘with their bags packed’. 

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