20 Year Birthday Celebration

News | JoshGen’s 20th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, 21 September we met to celebrate JoshGen’s 20th birthday. That night my heart was just burning with gratitude because of all that God has done and even when we took a stroll down memory lane watching a video that captured some of our significant milestones.

I loved what the media guys put together because I really think that captured the essence of what we’re about – that not many among us were rich or clever, but that God chose the foolish things and the weak things of this world to astound the wise.  (Watch the video HERE)

He’s really done incredible things through very ordinary people.  I trust that we’ll never forget that.  My prayer for us is that during the next 20 years we’ll constantly be reminded that we are nothing and God is everything and He can do great things through people who give themselves fully to Him.

I even loved when Andrew got up during the time of praise and worship and said that the moment had gotten bigger than God.  Even that, that our heart is never to impress with outer things.

Taking it all in

We’re not a church that’s into impressing people or performing. We’re a church that wants to find out what pleases God and give our all to that.

For me the whole evening, even Andrew getting up and saying, “Let’s kill the lights and the smoke effects and let’s just focus on Jesus”, I think that’s what God is going to remind us of and require of us if we’re going to go into ‘the more’ that he has for us.  We’ll have to remember that He’s the only one that’s wise and that He knows best.

We’re not here to build what we think will work or to do things in a way that suits us. We’re here to find out what pleases the Lord and to keep in step with his Spirit.

I really do believe that there’s an outpouring of His Spirit coming and that the Lord will pour it out on those who position themselves in a place of humility and dependence on Him; not on man’s systems and man’s thoughts, but on Him and His Word.

Worshiping from the balcony

I think what God wants to say to us, if we can just remember it for the next 20 years, would be what Lize prophesied at the end: that God’s love language is obedience.

We’ve come this far I believe because we’ve always tried to be obedient and faithful sons and daughters, so my heart’s desire would be that we as a people would move as one in obedience to Him, because we love Him and we want to show how much we love Him.

Melanie du Toit

Melanie du Toit

Melanie is an artist based in Swellendam. She is completely in love with Jesus and his people. She travels extensively to partnering Four12 churches all over the world, but her favourite trip is going home. Her favourite church... JoshGen.

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