News | Exciting Upcoming Leadership Relocation in JoshGen

In the Kingdom of God, change seems to be the only constant. We are commanded by the Lord to ‘go’, which means we can never be settlers; we must be pioneers. Such a mindset means being willing to relocate, say goodbye to friends and family and go wherever the Lord leads.

So it is that we are now preparing to say goodbye to Ryan and Lelani Kingsley (currently leading the JoshGen congregation in City Bowl) and family as they prepare to move northwards to Benoni. After much prayer, and working with the eldership team, there is a real conviction that the Lord has asked them to move to Benoni to take over leadership of City on a Hill Church (Four12 Partner Church). Whilst we are sad to see them leave, we are excited to see what God will do through them in the next step of their journey.

Ryan, Lelani and family

Such a farewell is even harder when we are losing such incredible gifts, but a Kingdom principle is to give of our very best. In so doing we know that God will bless us. Also making the loss more bearable is the exciting news that we will be receiving Dan Barnard and family (currently leading the City on a Hill Four12 Partner Church) who will be moving to Cape Town to lead the City Bowl congregation in their place.

Dan and Sam Barnard

We are confident that as these two families relocate in obedience to the Spirit, they are positioning themselves for great blessing: the season ahead for both JoshGen and City Bowl is incredibly exciting.

The shifts will take place gradually over the next couple of months with Ryan & Lelani officially taking over from 24 November 2019, and Dan & Sam from 26 January 2020. (subject to change)

Please pray that the transitions will go smoothly and for two families that are sacrificing much for the sake of the Kingdom!

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