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It has been some time since we announced that we were planning on doing building work at a number of our venues. It was the generosity of the saints that made these building projects possible and now, after the lengthy processes of design and planning approval, we are excited to tell you that work has begun on our Sunningdale and Mossel Bay venues!

Our building in Sunningdale has been an incredible tool for us over the years, proving that all the blood, sweat and tears that (literally) went into its building were worth it. It has met many different needs and really does feel like a home for many JoshGenners. There have been huge changes in JoshGen since the building was first planned and built, and so there is a desperate need to extend and enlarge the facilities to help us best meet the needs of our members and the community in the years to come.

The additions that will be made to the Sunningdale building will give us more space for both our children and youth, with cleverly designed areas that can be used for small classes or large events. Parents in Sunningdale will know that we have needed this for a long time: when the building was first designed we had few children and virtually no youth, now (as was prophesied) we see hundreds of children and teenagers discipled in these facilities every year.

The extensions at our Sunningdale venue will also provide room for much needed office space. Over the years we have grown from two congregations to over thirty and with that growth there is naturally an increase in both admin loads and staffing requirements. These offices also serve as a base for our Four12 and FOR SA staff members. These faithful servants have been working in cramped, noisy conditions for a long time and will benefit enormously from a work environment that will be healthier, less disruptive and conducive to greater efficiency! As they benefit from the new environment so will the body of Christ as they are able to continue to do all that the Lord has tasked them to do.

Our facility in Mossel Bay has also been a remarkable tool, as that congregation has grown tremendously since Deon and Kim Delport joined their church with JoshGen in 2010. The building that they had invested so much into became a great asset for us as a church and we have continuously built it up in stages over the years. It has served not only the Mossel Bay congregation but the whole of the Southern Cape as it has been used as a hub for several congregations; hosting regional gathering and training times along with many other events that have brought our Southern Cape congregations together.

The latest project will provide a new, more attractive and efficient entrance way as well as a JoshGen Kids section with astro turf, new parking space and a coffee shop. More and more, this site is going to prove key to not only reaching the town of Mossel Bay, but as a base to reach out across the Southern Cape, and beyond.

It is such a privilege to partner together with the saints as we do church together. These projects are only possible because of the generosity and sacrifice of a people who are determined to build God’s house. Although His house is not made of bricks and mortar but is made up of people, our brick and mortar facilities have been a vital part of us serving God’s people.

We would ask that you continue to pray with us: that these building projects will run smoothly and safely, to budget and also for future building projects that are still in the planning stage (such as Durbanville). We encourage ever Saint to continue to be faithful, generous and sacrificial in your giving – even in the midst of the financial storms that we are currently facing. Our ability to run with these projects at this time is a wonderful testimony of God’s provision and of the love of the Saints for their Lord.

We are convinced that the investment of finances, time, effort and time going into these buildings will see a massive return – in the shape of souls saved, lives changed and communities impacted!

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