We believe that every person in the world, because of their sinful, self-centred life and inability to live by God’s moral standard, will be facing God’s judgement. However, God does not delight in the death of sinners and has provided a wonderful way out. God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die in the place of mankind, bearing the full impact of His judgment on their behalf. Jesus not only died but also rose from death and is alive today. By believing in Him, confessing our sinfulness, our need of him and in turning away from a life of sin, Jesus will forgive once and for all everything that we have done wrong. He will restore us to a new life and relationship with His Father who adopts us into His family.


As a church, we believe that the Bible teaches that as a first step of obedience, new believers should be baptised by full immersion. We call this ‘the believer’s baptism’. This is a wonderful opportunity for every new follower of Jesus to testify of his or her commitment to Jesus as their Lord and Saviour in the presence of many witnesses. It is a proverbial burial of the old sinful self-centred life that was subject to God’s wrath in a water ‘grave’ and subsequently followed by resurrection to new life.

Holy Spirit

He is the third member of the triune God. Jesus promised that He would send His Spirit to live inside of each of His followers. He is the One who enables Jesus’ followers to live their life according to God’s standard, to empower them to continue the work Jesus started, sharing the Good News message that people can be saved from the consequences of their sin with every person in the world. Though the Holy Spirit lives in every believer, He is not necessarily filling every believer to overflowing. This often manifests itself in empowered sharing of the Good News and a flow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which He gives to build up and strengthen the family of believers in this very task. We believe that by praying for each other, this overflow of the Holy Spirit will take place. The more we surrender to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, the more each believer will experience His transforming and enabling power.

Dying to Live

As a church, we believe that to really live life to the full we need to be committed to dying to self. Jesus challenges all those who follow Him to die to self every day. That simply means that we make a daily decision to obey His instructions as given in the Bible and the prompting of His Holy Spirit inside of us. We die to our own wilful desires and make what He desires to do through us our priority. We make Him not only our Saviour but our Lord!