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JoshGen Connect

JoshGen Connect is a secure online system that will help you keep connected with us and assist us to communicate with you.

This means you get to have your own profile, update your own information, have access to the latest planned events (both in your congregation and globally), can RSVP to events easily, can get an overview of the JoshGen calendar and sync it to your personal calendar, and never miss out on any communication from us ever again!

For the leaders this will help them with their admin and planning, freeing them up to have more time to pastor and connect with you.

Make JoshGen Connect your "go to" place of information today!

(PS, this is NOT the same as Facebook, it is ONLY for JoshGenners, it IS very secure and private, every congregation has a Connect Co-ordinator - ask them for help if you get stuck or need more information.)

Signed up yet? Please download the Introduction to JoshGen Connect PDF guide.

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Joshua Generation Church ('JoshGen') in South Africa, is a vibrant and diverse family of God-honouring, outward-focused believers who are passionately committed to loving and serving our King and one another, and to reaching out to others by living out authentic, Acts 2:42 Christianity.

Please click on the image to download the Introduction to JoshGen Connect PDF guide. It contains the 1st steps to you getting connected!

Sign up, explore, make friends, join groups and get ready for a central place for you to get all your local and global JoshGen information. Not to mention staying in touch with leaders and each other!

Technical Enquiries: Dawie Brand