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Building in Benoni

This past weekend I had the privilege of joining a small team from JoshGen, who went to minister in  Covenant Life Church (CLC) in Benoni, Johannesburg. Mike d’Offay had the opportunity to encourage, teach and build into CLC, while Sean and Verushka Adriaanse and I supported him.

When Mike asked the congregation who wanted to go, I immediately felt led to put my name down and started looking into the practicalities. God miraculously provided by arranging the exact amount for the ticket in my budget, even though I had not planned for it at the beginning of the month. I was also granted leave, in a time where no further leave was being granted in my department. I left it in God’s hands and He came through fabulously! 

What a wonderful blessed weekend. The church was so welcoming to us and we were thoroughly blessed, even though we were there to be a blessing. It was a great privilege to be able to encourage the church and walk alongside them. The amazing thing about being part of God’s family and the Church is that, even though we are from different cities and congregations, we are like-minded and are ultimately family. Further to this God handpicked each of our hosts and we were able to encourage them. I believe heart connections were made based on our shared love for Jesus Christ and lots of fun and fellowship was had over breakfast, braais and birthday parties.

A leaders meeting on the Saturday saw Mike teaching on how to read the Bible in order to better understand what God was portraying in any given chapter, and what the various interpretations and applications in one’s own life could be. On Sunday Mike showed how each and every saint has a part to play in the life of the Church and how we can’t just wait for leadership to do everything; we all need to participate and get stuck in. 

Personally, I was blessed by the welcoming hearts of the people at CLC. What a great honour it was to go and serve and encourage another church. God really used this weekend to encourage me and to re-ignite a passion for His people. 

I will finish off with the words of Sollie Herselman, an elder at CLC, in his thank you email to the team, ‘We appreciate the effort you have made and realise that it came at a cost to you. We feel that we met as strangers but parted as friends. We are trying to build certain values into our people and you do not realise the impact you made on our congregation and how much you have helped to build into them.’

By Naomi Meyer

Covenant Life Church Benoni Outreach
Friday, April 11, 2014 at 2:31:02 PM |Comments disabled

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Joshua Generation Church ('JoshGen') in South Africa, is a vibrant and diverse family of God-honouring, outward-focused believers who are passionately committed to loving and serving our King and one another, and to reaching out to others by living out authentic, Acts 2:42 Christianity.