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Armoury 2018

On 10 April 2018, JoshGen will be launching the 2nd Armoury series of equipping times to 'disciple and equip every saint into their destiny'. Various topics will be presented. A list of topics and the course schedule is available below, and will be updated on a regular basis.

  • There will be four streams (Beginners, Advanced, Supernatural and Leadership).
  • There will be five training blocks during the year each comprising of up to five Tuesday evenings. Each course will be a maximum of five weeks long.

We encourage you to speak to a leader in your congregation who can help you identify the right course(s) you want to / should attend.

PLEASE NOTE: Various courses will run during one evening in different venues and space might be limited for any particular course. It is therefore essential to REGISTER for the courses via JoshGen Connect.

All courses will run from 19h00 to approximately 21h00 on Tuesday Evenings on the dates set out below for each block and stream.


*Please note that dates, times, venues and registration dates are subject to change. Please always check back here to make sure you have the latest details.



*Dates: 10, 17, 24 April, 8, 15 May (with break for the public holiday in the middle)

Time: 7-9pm


Beginners: Basics of the Faith

*Venue: The Fishbowl, Sunningdale

Overview: A pre foundations course. The idea is to ensure people are truly grounded in the faith. That they understand the gospel and have surrendered to Christ. Looking at what it means to be in Christ Jesus, the gospel, first steps on the journey, the importance of church.

Intended Audience: This is intended for new believers and pre-believers – i.e. those who may be interested.

Course Objective: The objective is to see each person grounded in Christ and ‘properly born’.

Overseen by: Richard Van de Ruit


Advanced: Apologetics I - Answering the Big Questions

*Venue: Youth Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Answering some of the most common questions raised against the Christian faith.

Intended Audience: Anyone wanting to be better equipped in defending their faith.

Objective: Have you ever been stumped by someone who doesn’t believe the Bible is true, doesn’t believe Jesus existed, died or rose again? In Answering the Big Questions, we look at some of the big questions people raise against the Christian faith, and how to answer them, with reason and the Word of God.

Overseen by: Adam Hellyer


Leadership: Small Group/Community Leader Training

*Venue: The Lounge, Sunningdale

Overview: The Purpose of Small Groups; Leading with a Shepherd’s heart. How to build Healthy New Testament Community. What is expected of a Small Group Leader. How to deal with practical Challenges; Working with Elders and raising new leaders. Practical Discipleship.

Intended Audience: Potential and/or New Leaders

Course Objective: The aim of this course will be to train you as a small group leader, to feel better equipped to lead the group well, rather than jumping in at the deep end and gradually finding your way. The course will consist of training times as well as times set out to visit other communities to glean and learn from other leaders.

Overseen by: Kevin Samuel


Supernatural: Miracles and Healing

*Venue: Main Hall, Edgemead

Overview: This course will focus specifically on healing. The aim is to equip Christians in their understanding of what causes illness and God's provision for healing. We will also look at how physical healing fits in with salvation and what place the gift of healing has in the rest of the church body.

Intended Audience: Anyone who whats to walk in more of healing and the supernatural.

Course Objective: To give a theological and practical foundation.

Overseen by: Marius Steenkamp / Luke Hulley




*Dates: 22, 29 May, 5, 12, 19 June

REGISTER HERE FOR Beginners, Leadership and Supernatural courses as set out below BELOW

NOTE: Advanced Apologettics II are for signed members of JoshGen and will be by invitation only. Please look out for the invitation in your email Inbox.

Beginners: Foundations

*Venue: The Fishbowl, Sunningdale

Overview: Foundational beliefs such as water baptism, baptism in the spirit, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead etc.

Intended Audience: This is intended for new believers.

Course Objective: To give each person a good foundation on which to build. A solid grasp of the basics of the faith.

Overseen by: Richard Van de Ruit

Advanced: Apologetics II - Conversations Around Culture

*Venue: Main Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Making sense of the topsy turvy post-modern world.

Intended Audience: FOR MEMBERS ONLY - For those who want to engage with post-modern culture.

Objective: The world has gone crazy. Words no longer have meaning. In Conversations Around Culture we look at some of the big challenges facing those who want to remain true to the Historical Orthodox Christian faith. Why does culture rage against the truth of God, and how should we respond?

Overseen by: Adam Hellyer

Leadership: Principles of Leadership

*Venue: The Lounge, Sunningdale

Overview: We will be looking at the principles of effective biblical leadership. We will look at the character of a Godly leader, the tests that God uses to prepare and refine us, leadership v management, character studies and case studies of effective leaders.

Intended Audience: This is intended for leaders and potential leaders.

Course Objective: The objective is to prepare potential leaders and to sharpen and grow existing leaders.

Overseen by: Mike Davies

Supernatural: Worship

*Venue: Youth Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Looking at what makes worship successful especially within a Community/small group context. Some practical and spiritual help for worshippers and aspiring worship leaders. How to facilitate worship.

Intended Audience: For worship leaders, potential worship leaders, community leaders and anybody interested in worship.

Course Objective: Objective to train and equip to ensure we can have meaningful times of worship even in small group settings.

Overseen by: Maurice Ras


*Dates: 24, 31 July, 7, 14, 21 Aug

REGISTER HERE FOR the Beginners courses as set out below BELOW

Please note that the Leadership course are for elders, and potential elders only. We will be sending an email to all the lead elders to make sure that they recommend this course to their respective eldership teams.

Beginners: Spiritual Disciplines

*Venue: The Fishbowl, Sunningdale

Overview: Help in effective prayer, bible study, quiet times, fasting etc.

Intended Audience: For every believer.

Course Objective: To see each person growing in their relationship with Christ with a deeper love for Him and a greater sense of life and purpose in their own devotions.

Overseen by: Ruan Slabbert

Leadership: Polemics

*Venue: Training Hall, Sunningdale

Overview: Whereas apologetics looks at a defence of the faith, polemics is the defence of orthodox belief. It is a qualification of an elder to be able to hold to the deep truths of the faith and refute those who oppose them. We will be looking at a number of widespread teachings that are problematic and look at how to refute them.

Intended Audience: For elders and potential elders only (need consent of existing elder).

Course Objective: The objective is to equip us as an eldership to lead our people with correct doctrine and protect the church from false doctrines.

Overseen by: Mike Davies


*Dates: 28 Aug, 11, 18, 25 Sep


Beginners: Discipleship

*Venue: The Fishbowl, Sunningdale

Overview: Showing new believers/members the value of being discipled, accountability etc.

Intended Audience: For new believers.

Course Objective: To show everyone the importance of becoming a disciple.

Overseen by: Richard Van de Ruit

Advanced: Effective Discipleship

*Venue: Main Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Looking at how we can effectively disciple each other. Looking at the importance of discipleship, how to enourage rebuke and correct, leading people to obey Jesus, etc.

Intended Audience: For every believer.

Objective: To stir up every believer to be effective in discipling others.

Overseen by: Robin Scott

Leadership: Effective Preaching & Teaching

*Venue: Youth Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Hands on and practical training in how to preach and teach. We will look at principles of effective preaching and teaching and have opportunities to give a short preach and be critiqued.

Intended Audience: For leaders: Numbers limited to 30 so book early.

Course Objective: To improve teaching and preaching, whether to kids, youth, community groups, or on Sunday, or even in the streets and at work.

Overseen by: Mike Davies

Supernatural: Prophecy

*Venue: The Lounge, Sunningdale

Overview: Foundational plus more specialized topics.

Intended Audience: Anybody and everybody.

Course Objective: To equip saints to operate in the prophetic more effectively and to stir it up in others.

Overseen by: Melanie du Toit


*Dates: 30 Oct, 6, 13, 20, 27 Nov 


Beginners: Spiritual Gifts

*Venue: The Fishbowl, Sunningdale

Overview: Covering the types of gifts available to believers, how they operate within the church and how to identify your own gifts.

Intended Audience: This is intended for all believers, especially those who are not sure what their gifting is nor where they fit into a priesthood of all believers.

Course Objective: The objective is to see each person aware of their gifts and encouraged and equipped to put them into practice.

Overseen by: Bret Bevan

Advanced: ABC’s of Becoming Effective Fishers of Men

*Venue: The Lounge, Sunningdale

Overview: ANYWHERE, ANYONE, ANYTIME. The basics of evangelism, lifestyle evangelism, friendship evangelism, street evangelism, event evangelism, and pick up on church evangelism - how to get people to church, and family evangelism, winning family to Christ.

Intended Audience: The course is intended for everyone, newly saved or long term Christians, not just those that feel they are called to be 'evangelists', especially pastors, elders, deacons, other leaders who need to ensure they are effectively reaching, leading people and know what to do when new people come in.

Objective: We hope to ignite a passion for Jesus - to be ready to witness to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Overseen by: Ivan van Vuuren

Leadership: Working in Team

*Venue: Main Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Looking at how to work as part of a team, whether leading or not. This could be working in an eldership team, working apostolically or leading a ministry team.

Intended Audience: For leaders and potential leaders.

Objective: To help us work better in team.

Overseen by: Mike Davies

Supernatural: Spiritual Warfare

*Venue: Youth Hall, Edgemead

Overview: Looking at counselling and deliverance, the spiritual realm, things that can be a foothold of for the devil; strongholds, practical guidelines for prayer, intercession and deliverance.

Intended Audience: This is intended for those who want to know more about deliverance ministry - for mature believers.

Course Objective: The objective is to prepare people for ministry to those who need deliverance etc.

Overseen by: Russell Fraser


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