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Remembering Our Call

On Sunday, 6 September 2015, a pre-recorded messages from Andrew Selley was played to all the congregations. In this clip Andrew primarily reminds and refocusses us as to what we as a church are called to. He provides a brief update about FOR SA and Four12, and proceeds to outline planned key areas of change and raising of the bar within JoshGen herself, namely in the areas of: Andrew's apostolic role within JoshGen, the leaders, greater unity, monthly Gatherings, discipleship, personal...... read more

Proposed Removal of Christian Public Holidays

The South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) recently proposed that Good Friday and Christmas be reviewed as public holidays in terms of the Public Holidays Act.  According to the SALRC, “ there is an element of prejudicial treatment in that the two main Christian holidays are declared as paid public holidays and adherents of other religions who celebrate other faith based holidays are disadvantaged in that their holidays are not declared public holidays and they do not have an automatic...... read more

Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 10:05:51 AM |Comments disabled

Is Auschwitz proof that there is no God?

I was recently challenged by an anti-God atheist who sent me a post stating " Auschwitz proves that there is no God ".  (Auschwitz was a Nazi German concentration camp during the Second World War in which 1.1 million prisoners, primarily Jews, were murdered in the camp’s gas chambers, using the pesticide Zyklon B.) To his mind, the atrocities done by man to man "prove" that there is no God. Surely God should have intervened and stopped these horrible things if He was real! This theory is a...... read more

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