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iKhaya Le Themba Benefit Tea

by Ian Richardson Part of Ikhaya le Themba’s Mandela celebrations was hosting a Benefit Tea and auction – a colourful celebration where creativity and companionship abounded. Our hosts outdid themselves with the tables decorated according to different countries and folk spent the morning sipping tea and eating delicious treats with family and friends. Raising money took second place in the joyful atmosphere where stories were shared amid much laughter, although bidding was competitive when sp...... read more

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iKhaya le Themba: Community of Hope

iKhaya le Themba have all sorts of great news, stories of break through in people's lives, messages of hope, feedback on what they have been up to recently, and tons of testimonies. Here is just one of their recent feedback stories:  The Youth Camp The youth camp was incredible. And what better way to celebrate but by quoting the youth on their experiences: Lutho said: "I was a winner because our group won the challenges. I wish our next camp can be for a longer time because it was fun and I...... read more

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Christmas Shoebox

Since 2003 iKhaya le Themba has been building, discipling, empowering and caring for the community in the Khayelitsha and Du Noon townships. This has also provided us with the exciting opportunity to share the good news of Christ and to see countless healings, salvations and lives changed for Jesus. iKhaya le Themba serve the poor in practical ways, these include: a soup kitchen; a HIV support group; home-based care; skills and enterprise development as well as Bible teaching, worship and...... read more

Sponsor a Child Christmas Shoebox Khayelitsha Du Noon Township
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