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The Gathering

The Gathering

The Gathering - a dynamic gathering of the saints - where JoshGenners come together to meet in one central place, with the express purpose of worshipping God and celebrating what He is doing in and through us. It is also a time of sharing and envisioning and an opportunity for members to meet and mingle with those from other congregations. With meetings that are Spirit-led, dynamic, Christ-centred and Bible-based, and with many life-changing and radical testimonies emerging through these exciting and powerful times, this is an event and a highlight on our calendar that cannot be missed! In fact, it is so important and integral to the life of JoshGen that we expect everyone to be there and to try not miss out.

Two types of Gatherings take place during the year: 

  • Regional Gatherings. Congregations from grouped regions come together on a specified Sunday, at a central location to worship Jesus. These are smaller, more intimate gatherings.
  • Global Gatherings. Everyone from across Joshua Generation Church, gets together on a Saturday afternoon, at a central venue, and glorify Jesus. This is our biggest unified celebration of the year.

For more details on the next Gathering, visit our home page for updates.

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Joshua Generation Church ('JoshGen') in South Africa, is a vibrant and diverse family of God-honouring, outward-focused believers who are passionately committed to loving and serving our King and one another, and to reaching out to others by living out authentic, Acts 2:42 Christianity.

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