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"Because you want to build me a house David, without Me asking this of you... I will build a house... And your house and your success will be remembered for all forever." 2 Samuel 7:5, 11 & 16

Building Projects

At the Gathering on 22 February 2014, Andrew spoke about our growth and the vision for 2014 to extend our buildings, buy land, complete building projects and really focus on positioning ourselves for more in God. Part of this time, was also a call to the Saints in JoshGen to commit to give towards the building fund, in order for us to see this happen and us walking into more of our calling. In response, we filled in pledge forms and handed them in.

If you were not at the Gathering, lost your pledge form or wanted to pray about your pledge first, then you are more than welcome to complete a pledge form at the Info Desk.

You can pledge throughout 2014 until February 2015.

For those that made a pledge, you can make payment either via EFT into the Building Fund account or on a Sunday fill in the envelope and mark it "building fund" and hand it in with the tithes and offering boxes.


Giving Methods:

Cash/Cheque on Sundays with envelope marked Building Fund, or EFT/Deposit into Building Fund Account. This is a general account and money will be allocated to projects as they arise.


Building Fund Banking Details:

  • Bank: ABSA
  • Account Name: JoshGen Building Fund
  • Account No: 4054502058
  • Account Type: Cheque
  • Branch Code: 632005
  • Payment Ref: Building Fund 



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Grant Banwell

Grant is a lover of braai's, cheese, and our Nation. A father of four and married to his childhood sweetheart Kim, Grant is passionate about changing the world, one person at a time. As a qualified architect,  elder at JoshGen, and director of both Gethsemany Properties and iKhaya Le Themba, Grant is one busy man who takes time out now and then, relaxing in nature, on farms, by the mountain, in the country, or in the bush where he feels closest to God.