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Adventure Quest

How do you get a young congregation to build deeper relationships and unity? Durbanville PM has found the way! What you’ll need is seven teams of five people each, a car for each team, some brain teasers, a few jars of peanut butter, a few physical challenges and some help from friends and other church family.

On 19 November, the Durbanville area was crawling with teams of JoshGenners solving riddles, racing to and from locations, and taking up physical challenges as the Durbanville PM congregation took on the Adventure Quest, one challenge at a time. This event, which will hopefully become an annual event for our congregation, was packed with fun and crazy moments.

Starting off at Stellenberg high school, seven teams in colours pink, blue, yellow, green, red, orange and purple, dispersed to collect as many points as possible. From Stellenberg, each team set off with their first clue for their first locations where they had challenges to overcome, in order to receive their next clue for their next locations. These challenges included walking over slack lines, playing live chess, staying under water for 5 minutes, crossing a laser (or rather wool) grid while bound to their team mates without touching the “lasers”, eating a whole jar of peanut butter while playing some bible trivia, solving intricate puzzles and riddles, and even making sandwiches to hand out to the hungry. These are only to name a few. The Cape Gate challenge, where we had to finish various tasks like, asking strangers for complements, singing songs loudly in the food court and throw fake tantrums, helped many with overcoming fears of speaking to strangers and sharing the gospel. The team spirit and friendships formed after a day like this will last a life time, and none of us will ever forget it. After all was done, the teams finished off their “race” at the Plaaswerf for one last air gun challenge and some boerie roll braai, slaai and prayer.

In case you were wondering, the pink team took first place, with the blue team close on their heels and the yellow team at an excited third place. Each of these team members walked away with generously sponsored prizes like spa vouchers, CUM Books vouchers, Wimpy breakfasts and 3D printing pens.

The day was filled with lots of laughter, funny moments and fun, but after a day like this, none of us could help feeling closer to our church family. We learned to rely on each other, trust each other and work alongside each other in these entertaining tasks and hope to have the same unity and team work while building together into the Kingdom of God, and each other’s lives going forward. We are looking forward to doing life with this exciting bunch, continually growing together, and hope to have many more fun days in the future.


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Joshua Generation Church ('JoshGen') in South Africa, is a vibrant and diverse family of God-honouring, outward-focused believers who are passionately committed to loving and serving our King and one another, and to reaching out to others by living out authentic, Acts 2:42 Christianity.