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Hosting at Four12 Conference South Africa 2018

We are expecting a very good turnout of guests for the Four12 Conference coming up in October in South Africa. Needless then to say, we are looking forward to hosting these guests amongst those JoshGenners attending the conference. If you have space, or even prepared to bunk on your couch to make space for our guests, please click on the link below and apply to host a guest or guests at the conference. PLEASE NOTE that you must preferably be registered for the conference (or seriously conside...... read more

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Gathering - 5 May 2018

On Saturday, 5 May 2018 more than 1600 JoshGenners from across the Western Cape came to meet together at the Lighthouse in Parow for the Gathering. We prayed in a large group of new members and also new deacons and elders across many of our congregations. In the video below, Grant Banwell and Andrew Selley shares with us the vision and heart of what God is calling us to through the land that we acquired in Durbanville area. If you could not make the Gathering, please watch this and join us in...... read more

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Divorce Recovery Course - April 2018

How do I go forward now? What do I do now? I feel so empty, so lost. What about my children? I see their pain. Is there a normal healthy life after divorce? Will I trust again and give my heart again? I don’t fit in anywhere. Will I see my dad again? Will we have fun again? I miss him so much. My mom has changed so much. Is it my fault that they got divorced?   These and many other questions and emotions will be addressed at this course “Divorce Recovery for Divorcees” and “Divorce Recovery f...... read more

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